1What to expect after you have placed your home measurement order?
Your measurement order is processed immediately as received each day. You will receive a confirmation message with the details of your order. Please review and report any errors to our office as soon as possible. Our office will contact you to schedule an appointment at the earliest possible time to visit your property, gather the data required to verify and report the appropriate details for your order.
2What exactly is Measured and How?

What is measured varies depending on your request. For Express and Basic; we typically begin with the exterior walls and each wall is measured corner-to-corner at the exterior face of the wall surface. Measurements are noted as accurately as possible to the nearest inch of one-tenth of a foot. When possible all measurements are verified from the exterior, attached garage conditions usually require access to the interior for verification of heated or unheated area separations.

Upper level areas present a unique challenge at times, especially with the complex configurations. In such cases, the associate will record measurements from the interior space, measure inside-to-inside wall surfaces. This data combined with the lower (main) level will help insure an accurate calculation of gross living area.

For Detailed request; the procedure is basically the same except all living areas of the home’s interior is measured (approximate sizes) along with attached exterior features, including porches, patios and desk’s, are measured and noted in the plan drawing.

We use a combination of traditional (tape measure) and digital (laser) measuring devices to verify and collect data. Digital pictures of the exterior and/or interior and other unique feature may be collected for the file record and reference.

3Appointments and Property Access
It is our goal to provide a service that is not only fast, accurate and reliable but convenient. When it is convenient and schedules work, our associate will plan to meet agents or homeowners on site.
4What to expect when we arrive to measure?

Upon arrival, our associate will begin to collect the data required. If access inside the home is needed, the associate will identify themselves, request permission to enter and proceed in a professional manner, collect the necessary data and leave promptly.

If detailed measurements are needed, the associate will check each room of the home to verify data. Moving furniture and items only as needed, replacing each as found prior to leaving.

Depending on the size and complexity of the home, please allow about 1-hour for basic measurements and 1-2 hours or more for the detailed measure. Larger and more complex homes can take more time to complete the measuring process.

5Cost of this Service
A reasonable question; the plan sketch and square footage calculations are a product of our service. Our fees are based on the time and resources required to provide this service. On average, basic measurement involves several hours, including the travel to and from the house, graphic plan drawing and calculation of square footage.
6Need it in a Rush?
We hear you, you need it yesterday! We will make every effort to accommodate your special request but when you absolutely must have it “ASAP” we can prioritize your order with a “rush” fee. When placing your order, select the “rush” option under Delivery Priority and when your order is received you will be contacted to confirm the details and time sensitive requirements.
7How quickly can we get the square footage calculations?

Measurement orders are processed immediately as received each day. Our associates are scheduled as soon as possible to visit your property, gather the data required to verify and report the appropriate details for your order. These details are then used to generate the plan report which is promptly sent to you upon completion.

Successful relationships are often about communication and expectations. We value our relationship with each and every client. We understand your need for quick and accurate results. Measurement reports are completed and sent to you as quickly as possible please allow the following for delivery of reports, “after” the measurements have been completed:

Normal DeliveryBusiness Days
Express Measurement2 - 3 days
Basic Measurement3 - 5 days
Detailed Measurement4 - 7 days

These are our target delivery times and we make every possible effort to deliver report, but this is “not guaranteed”. Additional charges apply for “rush” orders and distances that exceed 2-miles.

8What about calculations errors?

Yes, measuring errors are occasionally made and even the best if us can read or record data incorrectly. In most cases, one incorrectly noted measurement may not result in an inaccurate plan report. Here is why, when measurements are collected around the perimeter of a home and used to create the plan report, the measurements are verified as the plan diagram is generated, any discrepancies will cause and error in the plan generation, prompting verification of any suspect data. Simply put, all numbers need to add up.

On the rare exception that a discrepancy cannot be corrected in the office, an associate may need to visit the home again to verify the missing or incorrect data. We are dedicated to providing accurate are calculations and plan reports. We will not knowingly deliver a plan report, for which the measurement data cannot be verified with confidence.

If you are concerned about any aspect of the plan report, measurements noted or area calculations, please contact us immediately.

9What are the payment Options?
We accept check or credit cards and payment is required in advance of the measurement service to be provided.